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BUWA SHETE was born in 1960, finished G.D.Art (applied) from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune in 1984 with a 1st class 1st. Buwa Shete has several CEAD (Communications Exhibition of Advertising and Designing) awards to his credit: 1985 Illustration First; 1986 Illustration First and Second both; 1987 Book Jacket & Illustration both; 1988 Award for National Exhibition of Young Painter's works organised by Mr.M.F.Hussain at Calcutta; 1989 Book Jacket & Illustration & 1st Prize for V.V.Oak memorial exhibition, Pune; 1990 Press Campaign/Book Jacket/illustration; 1991 Ad illustration/ Book Jacket; 1992 Press campaign/ Book Jacket; 1993 Folders Booklet / Illustration; 1994 Single Press Ad/ Illustration; 1995 Press Campaign/illustration/Book Jacket/Folder (5 Awards); 1996 Press Campaign/illustration/Book Jacket; 1997 London International Award for Calendar. He has worked as an Illustrator and Designing Consultant for leading National Publications of Times of India, Indian Express, Sakal and various eminent Book Publishers. Has had solo shows in 1996 at the Empress Gardens, Pune and 1998 at Shyam Ahuja showroom gallery. Has participated in several group shows Y.B.Chavan Gallery, Mumbai; Art Resource Trust 1997, Abita Art Gallery, Delhi, Dubai, Blue Diamond Pune; Gallery Art Resource, Mumbai 1998; Namrata Dalal%u2019s Collection, Jehangir Art Gallery solo show 1999. Has held a solo show at Gallery Art Resource Trust in 2001, at Singapore and at the Nehru Centre Art Gallery in 2002 & 2003. His paintings are in collection all over India and abroad. Currently working as a consulting creative Director with Marke Missionaries, Pune and Abhinava Kala Mahavidyalaya of Applied Art, Pune. STATEMENT: Born in Mahi Jalgaon in the Kolhapur district, Maharashtra, Buwa Shete has come a long way from a closely inverted society to being the creative director in a advertising agency, to being a illustrator for several years, to becoming a much sought after contemporary painter in India and abroad. A applied art graduate from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyala, Pune, it all started with the first commissioned painting for a friend, to his first show at the Empress Garden, Pune and then, there was no looking back. All his paintings tell their own stories, the emphasis being on the human figure with clues scattered all over; the signature anklets- "a nazar pattu"- a typical village amulet for warding off the evil eye; sometimes the wings, a analogy to swift changes occurring in the world or the short span of attention, again referring to change or maybe symbolizing the current trend of instant gratification. There is a spirit in his works, a innate optimism, like a song of life, sung in a clear strong voice. His palette and compositions are dramatic, haunting and yet refined, sophisticated, expressing strength of body together with gentle, warm and tender emotions.