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A Point & Line to Plane XV

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Venue: Gallery Beyond
Date: 13-09-2022 to 31-10-2022

This is the XVth edition of this curatorial effort that Gallery Beyond showcases every year in the monsoons. Alongwith a few well known icons of abstraction and some rising stars, the younger upcoming artists get to be viewed alongside this august company. The common thread that weaves these artists together is Abstract Expressionism.


Abstraction does not deal with objects or with effects or with images.

It is a purely expressive art, one that excludes all the styles of the past and

is a plastic art with only one purpose; to inspire human nature towards beauty.


"The creating force and the expressiveness of painting reside materially in

the colour and texture of pigment, in the possibilities of form invention

and organization, and in the flat plane on which these elements are brought

to play.


The artist is concerned solely with linking these absolute qualities

directly to his wit, imagination and experience, without the go-between

of a 'subject'. Working on a single plane as the instantaneously visualizing

factor, he realizes his mind motives and physical sensations in a permanent

and universal language of colour, texture and form organization. He covers

the pure plane of expression that has so long been hidden by the

glazing's of nature imitation, anecdote, and the other popular subjects.

Accordingly, the artist's work is to be measured by the vitality, the

invention, and the definiteness and conviction of purpose within its own medium"......


Man Ray 1916.

(The Forum Exhibition of Modern American Painters)