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BADRI NARAYAN was born in Secunderabad in 1929, he is a self-trained artist as well as being a poet, writer and illustrator of children's stories. Since 1954, when he started exhibiting, he has held over fifty solo shows in Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras and Hyderabad. He is a recipient of several honors, including the Bombay Art Society Award and the All-India fine Arts and Crafts Society Award. He has also worked in mosaic and painted ceramic tiles, printmaking, in wood cuts and engravings. His work has received much acclaim including the Padma Shri by the Government of India. Badri Narayan lives and works in Mumbai. Nab019: The Jatakas tell the stories of the Buddha's rebirths. The Buddha was reborn both in human and animal form. The Kukkuta Jataka refers to the tale of Buddha's rebirth on Earth as a cockerel. 8/6/2002 Statement: Badri Narayan's vision will always encompass the storyteller's world, the epic resonances of forgotten dreams. All his winged horses and archetypal figures seem so accessible, like old friends that quietly await recognition. Badri has exercised great control over his medium of watercolor and uses a peculiar imagery that incorporates the ancient with the contemporary. Those urban streets, houses and interiors seem so familiar yet they clearly signal the fact that they actually are the stuff of dreams as the elements mingle with everyday objects - the floor becomes water, the little stair leads to a dreamscape, the winged horse waits for you to ride away on it. Overall, these timeless personae preside serenely, detached from their surroundings. They are like ancestors and alter egos, our guardians and guides. Using fine washes of colour, Badri stains the paper he uses tea to deepen the browns and sepias. Ink lines control the forms as they emerge from hazy gr5ounds. his vision is touched by the magic of myth and dreams....Urban Images Shifting Sands, ExC Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Mumbai 1996. 24/6/2002 added Badrinarayan's calm attitude, rooted in the timeless joy of creativity, folk expression amongst various artists: Paintings, teaching, script writing, book illustration, murals, mosaic and ceramic tiles. His earlier expressionist oils akin to Renault later evolved into the watercolor and ink medium, focusing Bardinarayan's vision of the eternal storytellers world and dreams.