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Barababu Mahato

Bara Babu Mahato was born in 1978, accomplished BFA at JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA NEW DELHI in the year 2004 & MFA at JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA NEW DELHI in the year 2007. He has won several awards and participated in several shows in India. STATEMENT BY THE ARTIST "Whatever i see and experience in my daily life i try to portray those feelings or experiences in my work also. Human beings and animals have been living in each others company since time memorable. Men have been dependent on animals since ancient times. And to some extent, the company of human beings have altered the behavior of these animals to some extent. Living together creates a bond of emotion between these two creatures, such as dog and man. Our way of living changes their way of behavior as well. Through the sculpture "Alone" i have tried to show the same kind of relationship between the two living beings, men and the goat. The Goat is sitting alone well adorned with ribbons on her well done hair. Some kind of human character is evident in the way she is sitting. It seems she sitting alone and pondering about her past, just like humans do. Her innocence adds to the beauty and enforces human character."