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Anu Naik

Annu Naik was born in 1943 in Karnataka. She graduated with a diploma in Fine Arts from the J. J. School of Arts, Bombay in 1954. Naik has exhibited in Dubai, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the former West Germany. Annu Naik lives and works in New Delhi. STATEMENT I have always admired the human figure. I find it extremely interesting and use it as my visual vocabulary. Gestures moods and movements of my figures go far beyond what is visually evident. For me it a language and that is the language I use in my paintings. Life, in my eyes, is a performance set against a backdrop of varied environments, joys and sorrows... some mundane and others typical. This gains reflection in my work on canvas as frames frozen in time. A 'freeze frame' is not always Fidel to the essence of life; therefore I use a lot of white space to lend motility and expanse to the frame, 2001.