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Title:        "ADHYATMA" Recent Sculptures of Bhagwan Rampure

Dates:      1 - 30 November 2012

Bhagwan Rampure’s journey began with the Cheetah for a motorcycle advertisement, leaped with the Bull of the Stock Exchange. A student of Adhyatma, the spiritual science of the self, his work reflects the philosophy – like a method actor, he gets under the skin of whatever he is sculpting to reach perfection. “A magnificent personification of the style of representing the formless” said Shri Vijay Tendulkar, the inimitable playwriter. A graduate of Sir J.J.School of Arts – 1987, Rampure’s work is a deep study of his subject and pure instinct. “It is not the accurate way in which the shape of vase, the ears, the face, or the hands & legs that define a good sculpture; it is the character and emotional make up of the subject that must be reflected in the final result” says Rampure.

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