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Title:        "8/560" A Group Show of 8 Artists from Bengaluru

Dates:      10 July - 8 August, 2012

A Group Show of 8 artists from Bengaluru – all figurative artists in their oeuvre, with a distinct imagery of their own – Arakkal’s dreamy works; Vasudev’s firm roots in folk history, Bhaskar Rao’s everyday images; T.M.Aziz with a more contemporary photo-images; the intense surrealism of Babu Eshwar Prasad with Rudraguad’s biting take on society; Murali Cheeroth’s concern with politics and Ravi Kashi’s almost facebook like take on todays youth. A Show of 8/ from 560 – Bengaluru.

The artworks shall be online shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please do visit again

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