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Title:        Recent works of RUDRAGAUD L INDI

Dates:      3April - 10May 2012

The concern for loss, the urge to see the world as a discernible space and cautious observations of the goings-on inform the seemingly surrealist work by Rudraguad L Indi. He takes the role of an overt commentator and a satirist.

The paintings are delicate and have an ephemeral quality about them. Yet the raw energy and starkness in the portrayal leaves a lasting memory in the minds of the viewer. Indi re-orients Piccasso’s Guernica and the Goddess of Oomph Marlyn Monroe; Gandhi on the chess board and Hilters killing fields; the madness of Charlie Chaplin or the eerie magnetism of Whacko Jacko – Michael Jackson; all this with a curious mix of respect and disregard. The past tiggers a memory in the present – the past and the present moment merges with each other, time melts to create a mood, an essence; the imagery is both sensuous and grotesque; so starkly real, balanced precariously on the edge of a half sleepy state.

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