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Title:        "PALIMPSEST"

Dates:      11 DEC - 14 JAN 2012

‘Little Paintings’ are a collection of small scale paintings. Those who know about my large scale works may wonder why suddenly this shift in scale, and even in content! But those who have seen my works from 1996 to 2001 will recollect my works of that period while seeing the ‘Little paintings’, and may think that I’m going back to miniature scale works again!

I believe subject demands the scale and the treatment of a painting! I’m neither addicted to subject, nor addicted to scale! I’m just addicted to painting. The very idea of making a painting is very addictive! So, engaging in the process of ‘painting’ is seeking the innumerable possibilities of ‘painting’. But, still I explore a particular subject for a period of time. At times people tend to think that I fall into creating a ‘style’ and I’m going to follow that for ever! But I do not believe in creating a ‘style’. Painting is an ever living, ever breathing, ever changing and ever growing phenomenon! Every thing is changing in the course of time. So, ‘style’ is very transitory.

‘Little Paintings’, as the title suggests, deal with relatively direct, simple and mundane imagery. Each ‘Little Painting’ is an open window. Unlike many of the earlier large scale paintings, a complete landscape as such is not seen in any of the ‘Little paintings’. But, all the paintings have elements of the landscapes around!

Rajan Krishnan 29-11-11

Equation of life changed when Ayati, our daughter was born. There are no contradictions only parallels. Scheduled time = Free time, Loosing temper =being patient, Learning =Unlearning, Being one time irresponsible = wasting many days of life in arranging the clutter created by it.

Like always, me and my family went to Murbad in monsoon. It was wet and deep, lakes were full of blue water. Soil was dark brown with florescent green young plants. Suddenly Ayati, my 3feet high,3year old daughter screamed, "aji,something is coming out of your feet." We all turned our sight,"Eeks!!" They were baby worms. pink red in colour, they were in a bunch. Spread out leaving their place when my mother in law removed her feet and kept aside.

Many people told me, while landing in Bombay, they recollect my work. This time in the monsoon when I was landing, the scene was different. All heavy cubes of deep cerulean blues and off whites and whites were bursting out of the soil to attack me.

I did my 1st solo with Gallery Beyond – Tiny Corners. I feel at home in this gallery. What excites me more in this gallery are pale yellow tiles with sparkling whites and blues, it makes me nostalgic. Though these tiles seems like an 'Antique piece', I can stand on it, I can use it...It seems as if I am touching 'History'.......so close. And the interesting part is, traces of these tiles are everywhere in the whole building. As if someone wants to kill them but they don't want to die. There is a kind of fluidity in its formation (appears, like clutter in a house).Sometimes evolving sometimes breaking. Definitely found human touch in it. That's why my tiles are pregnant.

"Butterfly butterfly flying flying, Butterfly butterfly flying flying" is Ayati's song while she swims. The rhythm as well as the visual created by it remained all the time with me when I was working.

Prajakta Palav

When the world is too much with us, we lock ourselves into a cocoon and create representations of the real that we can control. In her new suite of works, Palav transforms the gallery into a monochromatic architecture of traces. Her installation retains the antiseptic, straight-edged look and feel of the classic white cube. And yet she introduces a tenor of disturbance into this cocoon, inserting her paintings into its walls to produce a seepage of coloured image-residues. These paintings ('Tiny Corners - Part 2') are sculptural constructions that fold or jut out of the walls and vanish into them, leaving behind glimpses of scattered and hanging clothes, toys and domestic knick-knacks.

Nancy Adajania Catalogue Holding Actions Against Pralaya:

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