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Title:        "Nine your mind"....Group show of 9 sculptors

Dates:      3 - 31 May 2010 -Extended upto June 2010

An initiative by Gallery Beyond at Subodh Kerkar’s studio, Goa to re-invent, record, process and sometimes ephemerally realign the times we live in, had resulted in the coming together of nine sculptors from all over the country.

Art camps or workshops, in the good old fashioned way, are still sometimes one of the few ways for the art fraternity to meet, communicate and exchange ideas. Films/slides of the participating artistes are collectively viewed and discussed. New ideas, exchange of techniques and information of what is happening in various parts of the country that the artistes have come from find a mention in the discussions. A lot of the artistes today travel the world over visiting and participating in the art fairs. A showing at the end of camp gives the artistes and viewers a chance to meet and interact.

From among the sculptors Prithpal Singh Ladi from Shillong is the senior-most and internationally well-known sculptor. He had come back to Goa after 32 years with his charming wife and son. He worked on a “Pandora’s box”, a menagerie of memories of what Goa was and has become. “I came to Goa last in 1978 and I had lived in the beautiful peaceful village of Anjuna. But today, I was shocked to see the distortion of that beautiful place,” says Ladisaab. He elucidates how this shock turned to inspiration and so through his work he is trying to tell people that he is taking away a slice of the Anjuna of yore. In a casket which has in it, a beach, real water, a little hillock, a hut and a boat. I’ve given a crack in the box from which water is running out”.

Reghunandhan from Kochi has put in form his concerns of over population. Perhaps, the depletion of nature in the form of a steep hill (vertical migration), while homes rub shoulders with factories, coconut palms with trains, the whole world teeming with the most unlikely combination of neighbours. Karl Antao from Ahmedabad, is known for his surrealistic imagery. “Heady torso” and “Pacifier for the outspoken” are two stunning pieces that emerged at the workshop.

Subodh Kerkar worked on a series of heads reflecting each other, talking of maybe Narcissus to begin with, but taking on definite overtures to masquerades and facades. Viraj Naik, eked out an Elfin-like adult with a single horn on his head, perhaps talking about the demons within each of us. The four masks reemphasize this line of thought. Pradeep Naik, a father of a toddler is understandably overwhelmed by little cherubs and angel-like heads.

Puneet Kaushik from Delhi takes the fragility of his stainless stell woven images to yet another level. The workshop has allowed him to literally think out of the box and bring into his oeuvre materials he had not flirted with earlier. The very resin in conjunction with his wired images, colour, old letters and while in Goa, of course the boats, fragile autumn like leaves speaking volumes of the teeming humanity who is in and out of Goa, realizing dreams and sometimes, a closure to dreams.

Ratna Gupta from Mumbai, is continuing her quest of mapping the DNA of trees – her fear being that the years to come may be that’s all you might get to see. “I have also worked on a cast of the female body, whereby I will have documentation of pain, patience and proverbiality. The translucent, frosted bodies will set out to freeze the inquisitive eyelids”. Shivkumar Sunagar from Ahmedabad, a master printmaker, has for the past many years been involved in children’s theatre and of late, is into designing eco-friendly (bamboo) toys. The magic he creates with ordinary wire mest speaks volumes for this young man’s talent.

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