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Title:        Camel Art Foundation - Fund Raiser

Dates:      19th February - 5th March 2009


In the early thirties when the freedom movement was at its zenith, the journey of camel began with the introduction of the first indigenously manufactured ink. The fusion of ink and trade name 'Camel' lead to christening of Company name, Camlin.

Post independence, when all the international brands left the Indian shore, Camlin was the sole company that took initiative to manufacture and supply artist materials in India under its brand name 'Camel' a symbol that represents a hardy animal capable of enduring long and tough journeys across deserts. Camel was easy to write and pronounce in all Indian languages and was acceptable to all the religions of the land.

Camlin Ltd, established in the year 1931 is the pioneer in Art Material & Stationery in India and is leader in this field since inception. Camlin is a Public Limited Company, listed on the Mumbai Stock Exchange. Camlin Ltd, is a diversified group of companies with multinational operations, having a range comprising of over 1000 products accepted well by customers in India and abroad.

Camlin and Camel are synonymous with art & colours in India. It has more than seven decades of technical expertise and State of Art manufacturing facilities. Camlin believes in offering good value for money to the customer. The focus on quality has also got the Art Material Products to conform to EN-71 Standards and the coveted ACMI Certification.

To celebrate the spirit of art, this non-profit organization holds four art exhibitions each year, in the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western regions that plays host to more than 12,000 professionals and art students.

Camlin Art Foundation (CAF)

Camlin Limited has substantially contributed to the growth of art, artists, art appreciation and art education in India through Camlin Art Foundation. Launched in 1998, the objective of Camlin Art Foundations is to provide a platform for young amateur and professional artists to display their talent.

Besides getting an opportunity to display their work, the artists with the best paintings are also rewarded with grand prizes from Camlin. The entries, categorized into professional artists and art students, are sub divided by art media like oils, water, acrylics and mixed media.

Camlin Art foundation conducts four regional exhibitions in the country every year. One exhibition is held in each region. Over this period CAF has not restricted these exhibitions to metro towns only, but also held them in various other places of the country so that many artists and art lovers get the opportunity to see these exhibitions.

CAF has so far held 38 exhibitions. In these exhibitions more than 400 awards have been won by artists from various parts the of country. Close to 80 artists have won the national award of Euro Art Tour.

Over the past three decades Camlin have been associated with some of the very well known and talented artists of our country. CAF also has a collection of paintings of these artists.

This exhibition showcases some of the recent works of well known senior and young artists of our country, who participated in the Art Camp at Hong Kong / Macau.

The artworks shall be online shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please do visit again

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