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Title:        The Global Nomadic Art Project, India 2015

Dates:      20 Sept - 20 Oct, 2016

The Global Nomadic Art Project, India – 2015 was organized by TREES (Training and Research in Environmental and Ecological Sciences in collaboration) with YATOO (Korean Nature Artist’s Association), directed by Artist- Somu Desai. There were 13 Indian Artists and 20 Artists from other countries who united to work together in Natural Environments.

Global Nomadic Art Project started as an idea by a group of artists from South Korea which has turned into a movement, travelling globally across continents to re-instigate man’s awareness, concern, learning, and responsibility towards our environment.

Our contemporary world is responding too fast to the growing needs of man supposedly causing an imbalance in various sectors of our society. This thought perception has resulted in extremism of two kinds; either it is taking us too far from Mother Nature or close to it. This project is aimed at bridging the gap by changing these very thought perceptions through various visual art practices. The ‘nomadic’ artists indulged in inter-cultural dialogue with not their own environment but the other environments as well. Artists interacted with group of students at various educational institutions and shared their expertise. While travelling 25 days from place to place artist produced work of art using naturally found materials and using their own body. They made art works from what they found relevant in nature and environment and leaving the work behind in nature, artist move to another destination and what they own is the documentation.

The interest is to leave traces of dialogue with nature by creating ephemeral artworks, the artists to listen and communicate with nature through their work. This exhibition mounted in Gallery Beyond is documentation of selected photographs and videos of artist works done on their travelling in Gujarat.

Project Director / Curator Somu Desai

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