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Title:        "Motorscapes Heroes" Solo Show of Pratik Sharma

Dates:      3 - 24 March, 2016

Cars have been a source of fascination for several artists, most notably the legendary American artist Andy Warhol. Warhol’s enduring fascination with automotive vehicles came from the fact that he viewed them as emblems of American consumer society and popular culture.

Pratik Sharma's new body of work offers a quirky perspective into an auto-mobile world: a world in which cars function as metaphors for life. Intricately drawn and inked, Sharma's cars, once stately and regal, are bandaged beauties. They assert a wilful presence,despite states of disrepair. Virtually a scar clan,this fleet of cars wears its dents like badges of honour.

The artist's forte lies in his ability to create high contrast. He posits his mechanical personas against stark swathes of glowing primary colours. The flat application of blinding diagonals of paint is a counterpoint to the intricate, almost calligraphic inking of their complex inner machinery.

Each canvas contains many stories, some of which are connected also to the history of the car's model. A small format canvas encasing a frontal view of the VW Van, for instance, evokes heady days of Woodstock and counter culture. Pratik's strength is his abiding passion for cars: the childhood obsession has bloomed into a serendipitous love affair. For where others might see a dilapidated world worn machine, he sees a weathered beauty that has lived a life filled with adventure.

Infused with personal magic, Pratik Sharma's cars appear to possess an ability to fly...on wings of grace.

Anupa Mehta January 2016

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