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Title:        Excavations, Solo exhibition of Abhijit Kumar Pathak

Dates:      8 Oct'15 to 21'15 Nov extended to Nov 30'15


Abhijit Kumar Pathak was born in Bihar in 1986. He did his BFA, from BHU, Varanasi, Benaras, a city densely populated, imbued in Temple Architecture, Art, Music, Poetry and a tangible grace, with a added Diploma in Music (Tabla). He rounded off his academics with a MFA at Jamia Millia, Delhi.

Abhijit’s work of art is a process initiated by him. In that way the paintings is never finished but only begun. If successful, the work starts to live a life of its own, a work of art begins to work. His art is not precisely expressing himself but trying to figure out how to make artwork that is not a version of a pre-existing object and is a record of his complete engagement with his social situation and material conditions. Not only is Abhijit his own subject but his own producer – no one else is responsible for his work.

He does not begin with a definite sense of procedure. Armed with Tarpaulins as his favoured surface, Earth colour, Pigments, Acrylic colour, Fabric, Charcoal, and colour pencils, it is free association from the start to the finished state; kept alive by an intersection of physical experience, individual feelings and ideas.

Abhijit’s work has no beginning, middle and end, or any variation of this principle – such as fragmentation. We do not enter the painting in any one place. Anywhere, is everywhere and we dip in and out when and where we can – it gives the impression of going on forever, beyond the literal dimensions of his work; inducing an attitude of communion and contemplation, a excavation of uncertainities of our time.

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