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Title:        "Five Stories" A Group Show

Dates:      28 April to 19 May2015

Five Stores

A Group show of five artists, Pritam Bhatty, Preetha Kannan, Dev, Neeraj Patel & Abhijitkumar Pathak.

Neeraj Patel mines just the fact of just being. His work is an extension of his effort to makeover his experience. It leaves no doubt concerning its reality as an action and its relation to transforming him. The layering of colours and the translucency of his surface treatment makes his work meditative. His canvas talks back to him to provoke a dramatic dialogue. Each stroke has to be a decision and answered by a new question. He lives and works in Baroda, India

The basic concept of Dev’s work is life around him. He has been a urbanite all his life and reacts to everything that has happened – either political or cultural. But obviously, his painting and collages are his thoughts and he thinks through them. Painting to Dev, has become a kind of language.

In Preetha’s work, the static image moves. It moves you with its internal movement, when it comes from the brush of an artist. Preetha’s canvases acquire this quality to move, arising from the moment frozen by her, and becomes contemporary since it is the moment, which has evolved into the signpost for evaluation.

Her palette is notable – has wedded pointillism to pixels, thus creating vast depths. The surface of her canvas is covered with dots, each surface dot with 8 to 10 sub colours behind it to achieve the perspective. Her landscapes are different; instead of looking out at a vista, she draws you in to her work, more a participant than a viewer. She lives and works in Mumbai.

Pritam Bhatty’s works are from her Icon series created on the premise that most beautiful woman can get what they want. It is multimedia work, overlays of print, water colour, thread and sequins. The predominant prints are from the biblical stories of Judith and general Holofernes and the story of Samson and Delilah. Judith's Town Bethulia, a corridor to Jerusalem, was laid siege for 34 days by the Assyrian general Holofernes who gave them five more days to surrender. Judith who was a very beautiful widow, managed to get into the gullible generals tent, and walked out with his head in a sack on the fourth day. These prints are the pictures of women icons, in this case Waheeda Rehman and others, overlaid by textures painted / printed by Pritam. Over the final print she has painted the Pitcher plant, beautiful but a canibal plant, further embelishing it with sequins.

Objectivity, the ambition to treat the totality of existing things and the necessity of structure is the one word that one can use to sum up Abhijitkumar Pathak’s works.

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