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Title:        “GAIA RELOADED” Solo Show of Preetha Kannan

Dates:      26 Feb - 26 April2015


The Gaia principle proposes that organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a self-regulating, complex system that maintains the conditions for life on the planet. But at this crucial juncture of history, where humanity’s intervention in nature threatens life itself, the Gaia principle is being grossly violated.

While in her earlier landscape series GAIA, Preetha Kannan had concentrated on providing her vision of idyllic balance in nature, the present series GAIA RELOADED is inspired by a civilization gone viciously out of balance: a disturbing dystopia in the last pristine wilderness on earth: the great ocean deeps.

A dystopia inhabited by ichthyoids, suspended amidst the detritus of contemporary civilization.

And yet this dystopia is not ugly. It has a still beauty, all its own. A new unfamiliar beauty with a disturbing sense of balance.A dystopia that mocks at the transience of human civilization and quietly asserts the eternity of nature.

Nature will keep reloading, but can humanity reload?

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