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Current Exhibition

Title:        Solo Show Of Priya Vadhyar -Continuum [Degrees of Separation]

Venue:     Gallery Beyond, 1st Floor, 130/132, Great Western Bldg, SBS Road, Fort, Mumbai 400001

Dates:      SEPT 6 TO OCT 6

Timings:   11 am to 6pm - Monday to Saturday

Priya Vadhyar Continuum [Degrees of Separation] *


Where does one end and the other begin? What is the nature of the space in-between? Where is the self located, and what is its "interior geography" like? Why does the eye seek the horizon? Who is the observer and who is the observed? What does a fleeting glance at something reveal?

Continuum is the microscopic and telescopic view of the self, the absent wall between the self and the other, a bridge between inconceivable distances, the sliver of the present that connects past and future. It is a cartography of paradoxes, a study of juxtapositions and a meditation on the self's reflection in the horizon mirror. It is the coming together of something and nothing, form and formlessness, dream and reality creating a vision where the self and the vastness become one. ,P> *

Continuum [Degrees of Separation] opens at Gallery Beyond on Sep 6 and continues until Oct 6. Opening reception: Sep 6 2018, 6.30 to 9 pm.

Continuum features drawings, paintings and mixed media work by Priya Vadhyar across two exhibits - [Degrees of Separation] and [The Illusion of Edges]. The first exhibition, Continuum [Degrees of Separation], opens at Gallery Beyond (Mumbai) on September 6 and will continue until October 6. The second exhibit, Continuum [The Illusion of Edges], will be held at Carroll Community College in Westminster (MD) in Spring 2019.

About Priya Vadhyar

Contemporary abstract artist Priya Vadhyar's paintings embody the meeting of the particular and the universal, knowing and not-knowing, thinking and non-thinking. Her work embodies the interplay of spontaneity and restraint, the discovery of unexpected visions, contradictions and many horizons which reveal unity amidst the illusion of boundaries and multiplicity. ,P> Priya has exhibited her work in India and internationally at venues such as Gallery Beyond (Mumbai), The Drawing Studio (Tucson, AZ), Pyramid Atlantic Art Center (Hyattsville, MD) and Seacourt Print Workshop (Bangor, Ireland) among others. She lives in Columbia (MD). priyavadhyar.com

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