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Born in 1971, finished her GD/Fine Arts, Mumbai. She has had a solo shows in 1994 and 1998 at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. Has had several group shows like 1991- 5th All India Contest SCZCC, Nagpur; 1992- Bombay Art Society, Mumbai; 1993 - Monsoon Art Show, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai; 1994 - 7th Indian Oil Exhibition, Mumbai; 1995-Artist Centre Group Show, Mumbai; 1996-2000 - Miniature Format Show, Sanstache Gallery; 1997 - 50 years of Art in Bombay, N.G.M.A, Mumbai; 1999 - Art Jumbori at Lakeeren Art Gallery, Mumbai -2000: Ideas and Images”, selected by artist Prabhakar Kolte in Mumbai 2000, at N.G.M.A, Mumbai; 2001 - National Exhibition of Art Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi and Ahmedabad; 2002 - Women’s Show “Shakti” at Hacienda Art Gallery, Mumbai; 2002 Group show at Indigo, Mumbai. Has been awarded 1990-Certificate of Merit for on the spot pictorial composition – Camel; 1992 - Certificate of Merit for Self Portrait Bombay Art Society. Vanita lives and works in Mumbai. She believes that usually we see the external visuals and not the internal ones. I want to define the distance between this two visuals, the seen and the unseen. The visible, which is in front of our eyes and the invisible, which is on the other side of the eyes. This other side has no space for an external source of light. The darkness here is self illuminated. This darkness accentuates my sensibility of touch. The quintessence of my painting is hidden in this facility. They are tactile visuals. One has to experience them through visual touch. The freshness of a newly grown leaf demands to be seen by touch.

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