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Born in Calcutta, he studied at the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Calcutta, the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts and at Atelier 17. He has had several solo exhibitions and has participated in group exhibitions in Paris, New Delhi, Calcutta, Germany, New York and Switzerland. Most notably his work was shown at the Second International Triennale, New Delhi (1971) and the Brazil Biennale (1991) A recipient of the National Award in 1959 and 1978 and the Shiromoni Puroskar in 1991, his works can be seen in the Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi and in Paris at the Galerie Rene Bretent, the Galerie Marcel Adler and Galerie Wils He was Commissioner at IV Triennale, India and the Sao Paulo Biennale, Brazil, 1989.Sunil Das lives and works in Calcutta. I feel I am a member of the community of the world – East or West do not matter to me. I’m a human being and I love other human beings. I come from a middle-class family. My father was just a small businessman. After my schooling my father wanted to take me in a different direction but I decided to become a painter and joined art school and stood first every year. I’m a good sportsman, so I like things which have a lot of rhythm and energy. I studied animals from morning till midnight. My professor found my drawing very prolific and dynamic and in 1959 I received a national award and a French government scholarship soon after, I held a lot of exhibitions and had much success in Paris where I met many artists. When I came back to India I looked for a job because in India it is difficult for a painter to survive on his paintings alone. I got a job in a government office connected with handlooms, I painted at night. I never use photographs or models for my painting – I work on the canvas directly. I never sketch before I just see on the canvas whatever I experience where I live in Calcutta. Near jails, burning ghats, markets. I must have done seven thousand drawings of horses between 1950 and 1960. In 1962, I went to Spain where I was fascinated by bullfights, I much enjoyed Picasso’s theme. As I became involved in the concept of energy and form and rhythm. I tried to draw the bullfight. I paint from my core. I love human beings all mankind, so I express my emotions and feelings. I become excited. When I start with a blank canvas, I sit before the canvas and I can slowly see the image that is within me, it develops by itself. Usually I never paint twice over. However, sometimes I fail. As you have seen in the completed paintings, I sometimes feel that something is disturbing me with which I’m not satisfied. When I’ve been successful I just stop. But when I feel it is not up to the mark I destroy it. “He tries to construct a plastic image that appears to the senses without in any way departing from the plastic equivalent of its concept. Sunil Das is a symbolist and as such probably believes that there is a parallel to the development of a conscious method of reasoning, a latent conception of images, which give an extra perceptual meaning to his art. He succeeds in delivering his message largely because his craftsmanship is so terribly good. But then the question arises about how profound his Tantric statements are….’Symbolic Art of Sunil Das’, The Statesman, Oct 1972.

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