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Suhas Bahulkar was born in 1954 in Maharashtra. He studied at the J.J.School of Art. He began his career as a portrait artist but soon started working on his own creative expression. He has had over 11 solo exhibitions including exhibitions in New Delhi and Paris. Since his graduation in 1975, he has participated in several group exhibitions in Bombay, Calcutta and most recently in Berlin and London. Suhas Bahulkar lives and works in Bombay. My paintings are the outcome of my childhood memories, nostalgia and vanishing culture, which is gradually disappearing. But whatever is remaining evokes my memories and I enter into a different world, especially of my forefathers, their way of living, the way they use to behave and dress and project themselves. The existing things like old havelis (Houses), faded murals on the broken walls. Old sepia photographs of forefathers go hand-in-hand with my nostalgic memories. They are not clear, but it has a clear texture, which depicts the footprints of destiny.

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