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Shipra Bhattacharya View Gallery 

Shipra was born in 1955 and studied from the College of Visual Arts, and Government College of Art & Craft, Calcutta. She has held eight solo exhibitions between 1988-2003 in Calcutta, Delhi and Madras. In 1990 she participated in “Calcutta three hundred years” at the Birla Academy; in 1991 she participated in a group show at Greenwich Citizen’s Gallery and Wolsey Gallery, London; in 1992 she participated in a group show “To Encounter the Other”, Stoffwachasel, Germany; in 1933 she was a part of “Three Contemporary Artists from India”, Kufa Gallery, London; in 1994 participated in “the Indian Context”, Lei Arthur Studio, New York; and in 1997 she participated in “Expressions of the Orient in Bengal”, Apparao Gallery, Singapore; 1988 Hongkong; 2000 Dubai & Paris; 2001 Art with Heart by Cry, Dubai & 2002 group shows at England, Dubai & Singapore. She has held group shows all over India from 1981 to 2002 at Calcutta, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore & Hyderabad. Her paintings are in many private and public collections all over India and abroad. She lives and works in Kolkata. STATEMENT: Having lived in Calcutta for most of her life, the city and its environs have had an impact on her. The stifling atmosphere and the density of population consequently presented itself in her works and is bound to be represented in more ways than one. Her themes are often about urban people. She uses a naïve style with intricate decorative details. She escapes the reality and oppression of a congested city with the help of the vivid, vibrant colours that she uses. Purple, green and yellow faces gaze out of the canvas.

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