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Raja Ravi Varma  

Raja Ravi Verma ( b.1848 1906) The over whelming response to his paintings convinced Ravi Verma that he ought to give serious consideration to making prints of his works which would become available to the common people. He was aware that in order to regulate the quality of the prints, he would have to be in charge of the operations and that is how he set up his Lithographic press. He ordered machinery from Germany and employed four German technicians to run the press he set up in Bombay. His success far exceeded his expectation. His Oleograph were based on his paintings featuring mythological subjects, and divine figures. The Hindus divinities, devoid of multiple arms or heads, looked like real people. These portrayals become immensely popular. They received acceptance as the new iconographical types. His Oleographs of Indian divinities still survive in many homes and Shrines and these kitsch prints are framed and sacredly worshipped with very often added embellishments of pearls, semiprecious stones, brocade and silk.

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