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BALAJI PONNA ,p> “Nocturnal Enuresis”

“Nocturnal Enuresis” One of My most recent painting done in the year 2018 is a part of larger project called “Written on the water “.Its predominately a nightscape comprise of surreal landscape with nature, human being, animals with their behavioral instinct as well as interestingly man’s own creation a gigantic reclined sculpture, fallen from its own glorious past, a vast stressed of green patch of land out to the horizon touching the ultramarine blue sky gives a melancholic, persistence of time. The other object of representation like animals, human being minuscule to its primordial ephemeral psyche. Interestingly what hold’s them together is their differences but also being a part of nature always already present on contrary one encounter , an aporia “When was the time that nature was not contaminated by civilization ?” The artist in his words talks about the life of a Roamer and its affiliation to the land, an amalgamation of a narrative discourse to a metaphysical quest.

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