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Formal training as an artist began Sir J.J.School of Fine Arts and the Sir J J Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai. A Bachelor of Arts degree from the MU and a Post graduate Diploma in Radio film and Television from Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai, led him to work as a commercial graphic designer, art director, film and theartre director, winning awards for advertising audio-visuals and documentaries. Funneling these richly diverse experiences, Etienne returns and re-returns to his primal urge, To Paint.

For me, the making of art is a impulse – a strong urge. This desire is melded into my being which compels me to paint like, I must breathe or eat.

My awareness of this urge to paint, came from the Divine spark – God, and leads me to celebrate my relationship with Him. I view my relationships with my fellow beings through the prism of this lens.

The present collection of paintings came about when the canvas presented itself as more than just a surface to lay paint on. By cutting, burning and reshaping it became an active element in the artwork. Fuelling this expression was a nasty accident that shattered the left should into five parts. The Orthopedic surgeon strung the bones together with wire, inspiring the steel cables that link the pieces of canvas together….

It all begins with images arising unbidden from the imagination which take shape as sketches. To face the power of a blank canvas, cover it with paint, uncover my most personal feelinmgs, and attempt to recover its power in te process. The drawing take on a different dimension, becoming a part of a new reality.

Defining lines rendered with brush and knife. Shapes sometimes razor sharp or soft and hazy. Surfaces, layered and over- painted or textured with an impasto. The material world is important in my experience of God. Life, death and rebirth are reflected in the shifting surfaces, colors and textures that form the layers of paint upon my canvas.

The canvas is the skin, an active element in the creation of art.

As the mist before my soul uncloud, I see what I must paint.

Injustice, exploration of human relationships through the looking glass.

I look behind the masks that people wear, and see their pain, while concerning myself with meaningful arrangement of forms, and colour and there relationship within the frame.

Everything remains in a state of flux till the very end. Painting is the most compelling and consistent expression I have ever experienced.

My paintings depice my deepest convictions. The pursuit of Truth, Hope, Love and the search for meaning…..


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