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Manish Chavda View Gallery 

Born in 1978, finished his Diploma in Painting with Distinction in 2002 and Art Teacher’s Diploma in 2003. In 2002 he has received the Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy and Shree Manekaba Silver Medal from Sheth C.N.Vidhyalay, Ahmedabad. He has also won the Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy Scholarship in 2002. He has given demonstration in Portrait and Creative Painting at Shisu Vihar, Bhavnagar. He has participated in several group shows: In 2000 – Contemporary Art Gallery, Ravishankar Raval Art Gallery, Ahmedabad; 2002 Herwitz Art Gallery, 16th All India Art contest exhibition (Nagpur), Art Horizon Gujarat, Nehru Center Art Gallery Mumbai, 6th Western Region Art Exhibition (Camlin Art foundation), Gallery Space Hyderabad; 2003 111th All India Annual Art Exhibition (The Bombay Art Society’s). In 2005 a group show for Tsunami relief at the NGMA, Mumbai, solo show at Jehangir Art Gallery & Gallery Beyond, Mumbai. 2006 Solo Show at Dusk Gallery Bandra.

In Manish’s paintings he has found expression of his apprehensions of the working of the cosmic world, an intuitive communion with the natural world by the amazing delicacy and deftness of his brush strokes indicating texture as well as form. Viewing his work is akin to that of listening to music or reading a poem – one passage lingers in the memory and reverberates there as the eye passes on to the next. Transitions are so subtle that they are hardly noticed until they are gone. The mood is of one of uninterrupted reverie avoiding monotony Gentle changes from soft washes to firm brush strokes, from diaphanous forms to sharply focused details. - V.R.KAPOOR, GALLERY BEYOND, 2005 He lives and works in Jamnagar, Gujarat.

Born in 1978, finished his Diploma in Painting with Distinction in 2002 and Art Teacher’s Diploma in 2003. That there is no other save the one in man’s own nature; all rituals, acts of worship and study of scriptures are not the way. He strives in meditation for communion with the absolute – a communion vouchsafed in rare flashes of blinding illumination. The experience indescribable in words, he evokes by painting in a slow, savoured process of rendering of a plant – a wild landscape or just some flora, his expression of the inner life of things and which could, in term, assist the viewers quest for enlightenment.

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