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National Diploma in Fine Arts, from R.L.V. College of Fine Arts, Kerala

It is impossible to view Binoy Varghese’s work without getting in touch with what it means to be uniquely human. Binoy is not content by experiencing life ostensibly. Removing the masks that mortals so artfully don, he releases the serenity in him through manipulation of the physical, employing an artistic looseness that displays the underlying emotion. His approach is more experimental, and is related to the mystery behind all – its unity and diversity, its harmony and exuberance. Capturing life in its most introspective state, revealing the rawest, most private feelings in a circumstance where the subject does not expect to be observed. He encourages his paints to move on the surface so that they take on an earthly expression of their own, transcending reality into a deeper dimension. Binoy applies pure pigment creating unparalleled colour intensity, the hallmark of his art.

There is an inner urge in him to dwell deep in his thoughts and immediately image it out on the canvas. A highly individualistic, intensely personal approach that combines fantastic and representational imagery in a precise, meticulous technique. His works are noted for its bold, rich colours; and references to the culture and people of South India.

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