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Born in 1964 at Chandrapur, did his BEA in Painting in 1981 from Sir J.J.School of Art Mumbai. He has won several awards: 1992 Bombay Art Society; 1991 Annual Exhibition; 1989 & 1990 State Art Exhibition; 1998 Annual Exhibition. Has held several group shows: 1992 Artists Centre Camp show & Bharat Bhavan Binaley; 1994 Bombay Art Society & All India South Zone Camp, Madras; 1996 I.E.F.E.C.S Exhibition & All India South Zone Camp, Mumbai; 1999 Sans Tache Art Gallery Mumbai; 2000 Sans Tache Art Gallery & NGMA, Mumbai; 2001 Sans Tache Art Gallery & NGMA Annual Show, Mumbai; 2001 Sans Tache Art Gallery & NGMA Annual Show, Mumbai; 2002 Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery Aastha Installation Show. Mumbai Musings at Habitat Centre New Delhi He lives and works in Mumbai.

Before I say / tell anything about my work, I feel the need to tell about myself as an artist. I come from a small town called Chandrapur (East Maharashtra) little known for its resources, though actually rich. I came to Mumbai to learn art and my actual growth has happened in this city. Basically a painter, I am also inclined to work in different forms and mediums and open for new methods, techniques and concerns.

My work deals with social concerns and stands as a critique to the present chaos around us – as out contemporary culture lives with all kinds of contradictions and extremes.

My methods and intentions are most important for my work basically representational in nature and my work retains some specific but ambiguous qualities in representational forms of art practice through out history.

With a consciousness and awareness of Indian and western contemporary art forms, my work draws few parallels, and moves towards from personal subjective interpretations and perceptions – to a more interactive plinth, use of references from established and already famous artists work. Their usage of language and my ways of using / fragmenting / distorting / constructing a new construct, is the way I can at the moment describe my work. Borrowing and transforming is my method – I believe I’ve recognised in time, keeping my integrity intact.

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