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Shamendu Sonavane View Gallery 

The first time you see a canvas of Shamendu, a instinctive reaction is to reach out and touch it. Red, to blue, purple, white, black and various coloured pebble stone shapes arranged in a flowing pattern appear to float on the canvas. Shamendu has used opposing systems of perspective and contrasting colours to deliberately create an optical illusion, giving an impression of movement in his paintings. The pebble rock like shapes appear to move under the eye. He is persuasive in manipulating a visual illusion for the viewer by creating a fenetic rhythm by those intricate, almost delicate stone like images. His scapes are warm, pulsating moving alternately he takes you for a walk on the seashore with coloured pebbles, a wash of a fresh wave, texture of soft sand, almost a smell of the sea. Maybe the debris left at ebb tide or maybe a spacescape of meterorites. BIO Born in Mehunbare, a district in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, in 1978 did G.D. Art in Painting with First Class in 1979 Diploma in Art Education both from Sir J.J.School of Art, Mumbai. He has received numerous awards:1978 Gold Medal from Sir J.J.School of Arts, Mumbai; 1992/1987 Prajapati Brahma Kumaris Ishwarya Vishwa Vidyalaya; 1992/1987 Bombay Art Society, Mumbai; 1976,1987 & 1986 Art Society of India, Mumbai; 1990 South Central Zone, Nagpur & 1993 National award by Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi. He has held several solo shows: 1987 Taj Art Gallery Mumbai; 1988 Bajaj Art Gallery & Grindlays Bank Gallery Mumbai; 1997 Sans Tache Art Gallery, Mumbai; 1986,1991,1993,1995,2001 & 2004 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. 2006 Museum Art Gallery, Mumbai & Gallery Beyond, Mumbai. Has participated in numerous group shows: 1978 Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai; 1984 Centur Art Gallery,Mumbai; 1985 W.S.C.Artist Group shows at Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata & Chennai & Designscape Art Gallery Mumbai; 1987 Artist Centre Mumbai; 1988 Bajaj Art Gallery,Mumbai, IOC,Mumbai, & Crimson, Bangalore; 1989 City Bank & Nehru Centre, Mumbai; 1990 Disha, Panchamrut & Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi; 1978,1980,1983,1984,1987,1994 Jehangir Art Gallery,Mumbai; 1995 Mahalsa Art Gallery, Centaur Hotel, Mumbai;1996 Son-Et-Lumiere Art Gallery,Mumbai; 1993,1994 & 1998 Gallerie White Coloumn, Mumbai; 1999 & 2005 Vinyasa Art Gallery Chennai; 2001, 2000 Gallerie Leela, Mumbai; 2002 Tao Art Gallery, Mumbai. He has the following achievements to his credit: 1982 Tapestries Exhibition in Festival of India,’Master Weaver’s U.K; 1987 Designed Tapestries for the Handloom Exhibition held in Japan & France; 1988 Wall Hanging exhibition, under Paisely & Birds in Indian Textiles; 1989 Centenary invitor’s show organized by the Bombay Art Society, Mumbai, Artist Camp orgainised by Bombay Art Society & Nehru Centrenary Year exhibition organized by Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi; 1990 Hand painted mega size tapestries of horses for yali project International Trade Fair & Chitragurjari show organized by Vishwagurjari Mumbai; 1991 VII Triennale exhibition, India organized by Lalit Kala Akademi, Drawings India show, Chennai organized by Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, Miniature Format exhibtion Mumbai organized by Lalit Kala Akademi New Delhi;1994 All India Artists Camp at Rajmundri, AP; 2001 Maharashtra Mahotsav at New Delhi & Invitees show Concern India Foundation; 2002 All India Artist Camp at Vashi organized by AIFACS, N.Delhi & Golden Jubilee exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai; 2003 All India Artist Camp at Bikaner, Rajasthan organized by AIFACS, N.Delhi;2004 Invitees show Concern India Foundation at Artist Centre, Mumbai & Golden Jubilee exhibition of National & Triennale Awardees, Lalit Kala Akademi New Delhi; 2006 Harmony exhibition at Nehru Centre, Mumbai. His paintings are in public and private collections in India and Abroad. He lives and works in Mumbai.

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