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About my works

With in the nine years of experience and concerns on art, I could trace out on some of the major truth and factors from the modern and western art. Initially I was remaining as a fine arts students with out any expectations or explorations to the wide scenario of art and art history .By practicing myself and watching the infinite work of art from many sources made me bit enthusiastic and accelerative , as common I also were in the midst of a big heritage and culture. As a beginner I was doing the compositions and creative outlets with poetic or mere conceptual queries. Knowing more about art, was the one of the major key to enter in the contemporary art and the present Indian art. With in my background I cleared all my confusions with image development and the conceptual elaborations, as a man and individual I have strong intimacy and awareness on my on surrounding and the changes that occurs in the life and culture.

Being or interpreting me in a clinical way will be like a ‘in search of the modernity and the further impact of globalization with my ecology and human network’ After the academic practice I was shifting my sculptural practices in to some of large drawing planes, I was dealing subject with like globalization , marginalization ,alienation,…the changes or say the phenomenon like the emergence and inversion of new social strategies and social dilemmas. As an artist my practice and representations are almost transcend and indirect , the drawings were the a visual allegories of the things that I happened to see around , with in this terrain I was keen about some motives, objects ,shapes or even color . All these were very encouraging to my image development. Conceptually, I was trying to occupy the scenario that dealing by some of the major Indian contemporary art scene than the pure westerns conflicts. The whole notion of social changes was my concerns. I was representing the things through some of the specific object or image from a regional context, my home town: Vyppen .Geographically, Vyppen has a strong a island nature, its is an island with a slight detachment with the main area of land, the culture and traditions are very correlated with life of coastal man. All these things are very less resistive against the so called development of a consumer society. The images that used were very specific , were diversion from one to another, the trees , the part or fruits of trees, the space in between the ecosystem ,the tools, the shelter that being used by the fisherman, and then the buildings, small houses etc were the important one . all the image representations were a totality of both geometrical and spontaneous outburst of mind, I am also deals with the idea of space and the mass area of land , it may be urban or naďve space. The ecological space can play the role of a metaphor of changes, marginalization, and the urbanization… with this series drawings, I worked with all these conceptual platforms.

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