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Antonio Ecosta View Gallery 

Of Indian origin, Antonio was brought up in Kenya, in Africa, and trained in Canada in Fine Arts, Urban Design and Environmental Studies, Having traveled all through his formative years, he has drawn inspiration to painting from different geographies and cultural situations. He has always been encouraged by creative exchanges between different cultures. His work reflects a sensibility that translates across boundaries, mirroring the meaningful exchanges he has had with people and artists across the world. Antonio E’costa has been based in Goa, India, since 1997, and steadily created a volume of work, which is perennially enriched on his travel to Canada and Africa. With art as his medium, he embarks on a spiritual experience; a particular form of seeing that illuminates found objects and landscapes with a personal light.His search for a deeper emotion became the prime motivation behind exploration of imagery, and resulted in his evolution as an artist, producing works such as the “Contemplative Landscape “ series in 2003 and the “Buddha “ series in 2005. His present work concentrates on using an untutored form of visual writing and mark making it distill in his technical skills to produce an alternative form of seeing that bears his personal integrity. India has recently become a major player in the international art market. The natural advantages of having a foot in three countries (Africa, Canada and India) as well as his increasing interaction with both Indian artists and the multicultural artistic community in Canada and Africa place him in a unique position to contribute positively-and significantly- to cultural diversity and universality.

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