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Born in 1961 at Allahabad, did his M.A. in Fine Arts from Agra University. Has participated in-group shows organised by Mr.Vikram Sethi, Mr.Goenka and Tina Ambani. He has had several solo shows: 1990 Shreedharni Art Gallery, New Delhi; 1992 Shreedharni Art Gallery, New Delhi and Grindlays Bank, Kanpur; 1993-95 Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai; 1993-1996 Leela Kempinski, Mumbai; 1996 Galleria, Mumbai; 2000 Nehru Centre, Mumbai. 2002-Group show Mumbai Musings at Habitat Centre, New Delhi. He lives and works in Mumbai.

Time emotes in terms of movement and consistent change that’s why all my figures are in motion. My endless quest is that of the mysterious face of time. This provides a sense of movement, which is a symbol of life and swings my imagination from the level of sensuous cognition to the world of inner consciousness, where I find everything relative in this universe.

The energy, which gives ‘Man’ its movement, is elemental. Therefore, all the endeavours ‘Man’ makes expresses either the dark aspect of nature or the bright. I have depicted these co-existing colours of man’s ceaseless goings on in an effort to realise ‘Man’ in his totality at the level of conscious being...Sanjay Kumar Sept, 02

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