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Suryaprakash View Gallery 

This artist was born in 1940 and has been in the forefront of the art movement in the Hyderabad region, organizing camps, workshops et al. His artistic career spans more than four decades, and has been marked by several solo and group exhibitions held both within India as well as in Poland, Germany, Iran, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Syria, France, and the United States. His work has found place in numerous forums including the India Triennale and the Paris Biennale. He has been a jury member and commissioner for national and state level exhibitions as well as the fifth India Triennale. The recipient of the National Award and gold medals from the Andhra Pradesh Lalit Kala Academy and the Hyderabad Art Society, Surya Prakash has been honoured with the title "Kala Vibhushan" by the All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society in New Delhi. This artistís paintings have found a home in several museums, corporate houses, banks, institutions and in other private and public collections in India and overseas.

Statement: My paintings are usually perceived as a visual idea that is transformed into a painting. They contain pictorial elements from nature. I like these representational elements to be simple, yet specific, naturalistic and quiet. These forms of nature are conceived and transformed into an overall abstract language to lend a colour of personal touch. What is abstracted here is an emotional response to nature and its mystery. It is a subtle play with the romantic content of an abstract and a personal language that can induce, indeed seduce, the viewer to look at my canvas.

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