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Shobha Broota, teacher at Triveni Kala Sangam in Delhi, and hailing from a family rich in artistic traditions, is one of India’s most well established contemporary artists. Her husband is the artist Rameshwar Broota and their daughter Pooja Iranna and her husband GR Iranna are artists as well.

Art critic Keshav Malik says of her oeuvre and of her recent show ‘Music of the Spheres’ that, "Shobha’s works, in whatever medium, do not overtly claim any whiff of holiness. Not at all. Rather they are her effort to understand and work within the boundaries of an age-old convention, that have the basic harmony or purity of the underlying reality, as of inner reality.

The discipline, preparation, effort, contemplation, as the musical sense of the inner ear, that have gone into these works is palpable and one would not even dare to sum it up or even outline it. Still it must suffice to say that a lifetime of close attention lies behind each of the works shown, quite apart from the training in the fundamental skills of geometry, drawing and colour."

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