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Born in 1953, at Dewas M.P, did his Diploma in Fine Arts, M.P. Technical Board, Bhopal, M.A. in Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology from Ujjain M.P, & M.A.in Museology, Faculty of fine Arts M.S.University Baroda. Has held several solo shows: Vikram University Ujjain in 1973, 74 & 76; Triveni Kala Sangam New Delhi 1977-1989; Dhoomimal Gallery, New Delhi 1990, 1995; Alvar- Aalto Museo, Jyvaskyla, finland 1991, Piha Gallerin, Lathi Finland 1993, Taj Art Gallery 1993,1996; Lalit Kala Academy Ravindra Bhavan New Delhi 1999,2002 Crimson Bangalore 2006 & Arushi Arts New Delhi 2006. Has participated in numerous group shows from 1971 to 2006 at Ujjain, Indore, Bhopal, Mumbai, New Delhi & Berlin. Established three Museums in Rashtrapati Bhavan on the basis of art collections and artifacts received by the Presidents of India, New Delhi. Worked as Keeper Arts for Rashtrapati Bhavan New Delhi from 1991-1997. Has attended various camps/workshops in India & abroad. He lives and works in New Delhi.

The scale of his work draws inspiration from his having been involved with a number of museums. He was the keeper Arts of the President’s museum. Then, he worked at the Zakkir Hussain museum at Jamia and at Lucknow Residency, apart form the National Museum. Indeed, his interaction with museums has given his present works their grandeur. His figures have the dignity and stance of Gupta sculpture, but they are contemporary peasants and working people, often carrying the instruments of their trade, like brooms in their hands. They are the icons of our age, neither titillating nor gimmicky, but executed in a masterly fashion. They remind us that today India still produces well executed art worthy of standing up to the test of time and being shown in public spaces which has become a rarity in a world of art freely using gimmickry and assembling mass produced goods.

The palette of his canvases retains the simplicity of the miniature but the tonality he works up is contemporary. Many of his works today have a monochromatic look, but on closer inspection reveal a layered evolution of different colours blending as one. His figures too, make full use of India’s narrative tradition of body language and gesture, while not losing their iconic quality.

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