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Nilima Sheikh studied painting at MS University, Baroda between 1965-71. Since 1983, she has held ten solo exhibitions and participated in a three decade long career, in several group exhibitions. These include Through the Looking Glass [with Arpita Singh, Madhvi Parekh, Nalini Malani] a travelling exhibition [1987-89], Artists Alert, Sahmat New Delhi [1989], Dispossession, Africus, First Johannesburg Biennale, South Africa [1995], The Second Asia Pacific Triennale of Contemporary Art, Oueensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia [1996], Chamatkara, organised by CIMA at Whiteley's Art Gallery, London [1996], The Self and the World, Gallery Espace at National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi [1997], and Embarkations, Sakshi, Mumbai [2000].

Nilima Sheikh's work, which varies in scale from painted tents and painted stage sets to miniature format painting in tempera, has drawn richly from the Indian Pahari and Mughal painting, as well as Asian painting traditions. Her works refer to history and literature, such as the folk epic poetry of the Punjab and the Jataka tales.

Nilima Sheikh has illustrated and designed books for children. Since 1971 she has written essays on art for exhibition catalogues, journals and books. She has designed and painted the stage for the Vivadi productions: Improvisations for Nayika Bheda [1989], Umrao [1993] and Sundari, An Actor Prepares [1998].

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