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Born in 1924, at Saligao in Portuguese Goa, Souza studied painting at the Sir J.J. School of Arts, (Mumbai) from where he was expelled in 1942 for participating in the Quit India Movement. He was the principal founding member of the Progressive Artists Group, which held its first exhibition in Mumbai in 1948. The year 1949 saw Souza depart for London, where, after a period of struggle, he began to make his mark on the art scene. His work was shown in a group exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in 1954 and he did a one-man show at Gallery One in 1955. This coincided with the publication of his autobiographical piece, 'Nirvana of a Maggot' in Encounter Magazine, which was then edited by the poet Stephen Spender.

Souza created a sensation in London in the 1960’s receiving enormous critical acclaim and his works were bought by well-known personalities and established institutions such as the Tate Gallery and Oxford University colleges. Souza held a series of exhibitions, which were reviewed by reputed art critics. Nonetheless, he left for the United States in 1967 and settled in New York.

In addition to the Commonwealth Artists of Fame Exhibition (London, 1977), Francis Newton Souza has had several exhibitions in various cities, including one-man shows in Paris (1954 & 1960) and Detroit (1968); retrospectives in New Delhi and Mumbai (1987); and a show at the Indus Gallery in Karachi (1988). He has participated in numerous international exhibitions such as Art Now in India, London and Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1965); India Myth and Reality, Museum of Modern Art Oxford (1982); Contemporary Indian Art, Royal Academy of Arts, London (1982); Modern Indian Paintings, Hirshhorn Museum, Washington D.C. (1982) and Coups de Coeur, Halles de I’lle, Geneva (1987).

“ The structure of nature is a hierarchy of nouances, from ugliness to beauty, beauty is the final nouance of nature. I am searching for that beauty. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder but in the cultivated eye”. “Words & lines” – F.N.Souza.

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