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She obtained her training from the Nagpur School of Art and the Sir JJ School of Art, Bombay. She has held over 40 one –woman exhibitions since 1956 in India and abroad, including the Ewing Krainin Gallery, Waikiki, 1967. She was awarded the first prize at the Maharashtra State Art Exhibition in 1958. Her works are in the collections of the Ewing Krainin Gallery, Waikiki, the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi, Air India and in private collections in India and abroad. She died in September, 2001.

This artist has stuck to her guns over the long years she has been practicing the art of painting. While no few artists have been swept away by the winds of change Prabha has unruffledly continued her involvement with the life of India's common, humble humanity. Her hero’s and heroines are the pursuers of unsung tasks: fisher folk, farmers, and all other such toilers. She persists with this obsession not on account of any doctrinaire reasons or sentimentalism, but purely because in the unaffected life she observes much colour and beauty, as also the truth of the essential human existence. Well versed in the a.b. c. of modern art, and with several expositions in India as well as in Europe and Japan and elsewhere, the painter has continued to expand in her work, but strictly in keeping with the vision she imbibed during her childhood…Keshav Malik

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