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Born in Sunsan, Kumi, South Korea, did B.F.A.Oriental Painting. Faculty of Fine Arts, Andong National University, South Korea in 1987-92 & in 1994-96 finished MA Museology, Faculty of fine Arts, MS University, Baroda. Has held solo exhibitions: 1996 at the MS University, Baroda, 2000 Solloquy Artcore Contemporary Arts Gallery, Baroda, 2001 Ruminations Artcore Contemporary Arts Gallery Baroda , 2004 Isles Within at Sarjan Art Gallery, Baroda, 2006 Beyond Horizon at Hacienda Gallery Mumbai. Has participated in a number of selected group shows: 1992 1st Exhibition of Kumi Artists,Kumi,South Korea; 1993 6th & 7th Exhibition of Isoo Group of Artists, Andong, South Korea, 2nd Exhibition of Kumi Artists, Kumi, South Korea; 1997 Kumi Arts Festival, Kumi, South Korea; 1998 Objects and Interiors Apparao Gallery, Chennai and New Delhi; 2003 Positive Vision Faculty of Fine Arts Baroda, 2004 Looking Back Looking Forward Sarjan Arts Gallery Baroda; 2005 Metamorphosis Asian Cultural Centre, Asian Fusion Gallery, New York USA; Stirring Quartet, Hacienda Gallery Mumbai; Evam Tao Art Gallery. She lives and works in Baroda.

The fastidious details and dreamlike paradise scenes make Kim Kyoungae’s paintings alluring. The idealized foliage, stylized clouds, mountains, floating lanterns, an illuminated bungalow, partially seen buildings and pieces of furniture – all these elements are strung together in various combinations in the cosmic universe of her canvases. The artist’s inner rhythm ties together all these seemingly unrelated abstracts into a collective like the planets in the solar system. These are elements from Kyoungae’s everyday experiences, keen observations and projected realities.

The paintings evoke the harmony that one experiences as a result of meditation. The darker shades of the leaves and the gradual toning up of cobalt blue, green, yellow, white and red are calm like breathing in and breathing out. The paintings reveal the transient nature of life with its now-seen-now-not aspects. In one of her canvases in the Beyond Horizon series there is a pattern of black and white triangles evoking the idea of illusions. Another work from the series resonates the metaphor for changing seasons of life. The Soliloquy series of acrylic on paper are like jottings of the mind’s impressions or fleeting visions. She describes them as “visual prayers”. The mythical creature Garuda appears in some of her works alongside other symbolic objects such as trishuls, lotus, bows and arrows. In Buddhist thought the bird-man Garuda symbolizes our primordial nature, which is eternally complete. The Garuda chick is fully developed when still in the egg, but it cannot fly until it hatches. There is a time and place for everything it is believed....Jasmine Shah Varma

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