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Finished B.F.A. Drawing and Painting,Sir J.J. School of Art. Has won several awards: Won the S.H.Raza Foundation award in 2006, Gold Medal in Annual Exhibition,Sir J.J. School of Art, 2004-2005,Silver Medal in Annual Exhibition,Sir J.J. School of Art, 2002-2003,The Bombay Art Society,Shri R.D. Vyas Award, 2004-2005,The Art Society of India Award in memory of Shri M.K.Parandekar, 2004-2005, Late Smt. Laxmibai Shanbagh Award in Annual Exhibition,Sir J.J. School of Art, 2004-2005, R.S. Jhunjhunwala Prize in Annual Exhibition, Sir J.J. School of Art, 2004-2005, First Award in Maharashtra State Art Exhibition, 1999-2000,Third Award in Maharashtra State Art Exhibition,2001-2002, Special Portrait Prize in Nashik Portrait Competition,2000-2001,Landscape Prize in Monsoon Exhibition,Sir J.J. School of Art, 2000-2001,Landscape Prize in Study Tour Exhibition, Sir J.J. School of Art, 2003-2004,2004-2005,Gold Medal in Annual Exhibition,Karandikar School of Art,Dombivali,1999-2000. Has participated in the following: in a group show”Ye Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan” at Lalit Kala Academy & Art Konsult, New Delhi 2006, Group show at Birla Art Academy Mumbai 2006, Sir J.J.School of Art,Mumbai,Annual Art Exhibition 2001,2002,2003,2004,2005, Maharashtra State Art Exhibition 200,2001,2002, The Bombay Art Society Annual Art Exhibition 2001,2002,2004,2005, Camlin Art Foundation 2000,2001,2002, The Art Society Of India Annual Art Exhibition 2001,2003,2005, Lokmanya Tilak Art Exhibition,Pune 2003, Lalit Kala Academi 2003. He has attended the Second International Exhibition World Trade Centre,Jakarta,Indonesia 2003-2004, 8th National Art Festival,Kalavart Nyas,Ujjain 2003-2004,2004-2005, Monsoon Show,Bajaj Art Gallery 2004-2005. Has won the Merit Scholarship in Sir J.J.School of Art,Mumbai 2000-2001,2001-2002, Freeship in Sir J.J.School of Art ,Mumbai 2002-2003. His paintings are in many private and public collections in Maharashtra State and all over India. He lives and works in Mumbai.

My creative journey began with influences and inspirations from Sir J.J.School of Art. I’ve learnt most from the campus and surroundings in these years of my art education.

As a budding artist, I would like to call myself a ‘visual dreamer’ who finds inspirations in fascinating basic natural forms of the living world. These forms possibly may have given birth to all other complex visual forms of the present day. These basic natural forms dominate all my paintings. I imaging all basic forms of nature as ‘alphabets’ which when creatively composed give birth to larger forms which may ultimately end up in ‘Visual Epic’ of a greater dimension.

My paintings have no specific titles, they are a part of my study regarding forms, colours, techniques and medium. I initiated with dry pastels and then followed with water colour medium and its different techniques of application. After a vivid study of water colours, I tried with different techniques in oil and was successful in bringing out the same effect as that of water colours. My paintings have a unique sense of colour application and technique which arises questions in the viewers mind like-how it would have been painted? I mostly use earthen colours which I feel to be very sensitive.

Experimentation is a quality in me which urges me to constantly experiment with colours, composition, surface and technique. My experience of each and every experiment gives a new direction to my creative study. The visual treatment, composition and delicate images that emerge through my paintings bear a unique stamp of my individuality.

A proper composition of forms and space makes a complete painting. Due to my forms and its composition I feel of some grammar present in my work. I have tried to study this grammar and the same is my subject for my final year project-‘Search for the Grammar of Visual Art’.

I am constantly trying to improvise on what has already been achieved and I have a high aim of reaching global art scene. And also I am determinedly struggling to touch the limitless horizon of divine creativity.

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