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Authenticity Guarantee

GalleryBeyond.in guarantees the authenticity of all artworks offered for sale on the site. Each piece is acquired either directly from the artists themselves, or is sourced in collaboration with reputed partner galleries. In addition, a panel of experts routinely screens and verifies all artworks.

Nonetheless, should an artwork purchased from us be subsequently proven 'unauthentic', GalleryBeyond would refund the full purchase price and shipping expenses paid by you. Such instances would be handled on a case-to-case basis and we would require that an established authority provide examinable proof of questionable authenticity.

The terms of this guarantee are as follows:

  • All claims must be made within 6 months of the date of purchase

  • The artwork must be returned in its original condition complete with its original packing

  • There must be indisputable evidence that the artwork in question was purchased from GalleryBeyond.in

  • A letter from an established authority questioning authenticity of artwork purchased from GalleryBeyond.in is essential.

  • This guarantee is offered to you with the confidence and assurance that all purchases at GalleryBeyond.in are risk-free.

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